September 7, 2015

Underwater Electric Field Electrodes


  • Underwater Electric Field Electrodes

The Ocean contains an abundance of conducting ions telling us about its state and the state of the seabed. To extract these signals accurately requires a matching sensor material which can interface between the flowing electrolyte and the signal processing electronics.

We have provided electrodes for maritime research institutes for detection of undersea structures and to monitor the state of sea areas.

GreenTek’s top-of-the-line sintered silver/silver chloride electrode sensors are used to measure electric fields in seawater with high precision and extreme low noise. GreenTek electrodes provide varieties in design to meet individual needs.

Potential Difference: ≤0.5  mV

Potential Shift: ≤50µV/24 h

Noise:(A)≤ 7 nV/Hz1/2 @ 1Hz; (B)≤15 nV/Hz1/2 @ 1Hz;