September 6, 2015

Pre-wired sintered Ag-AgCl Electrodes

  • Greentek Sintered Ag-AgCl EEG electrodes
  • Greentek Sintered Ag-AgCl EEG electrodes
  • Greentek Sintered Ag-AgCl EEG electrodes

High quality, durable, reusable Pre-Wired sintered Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) electrodes for precise measurement of weak or low bio-potentials such as EEG, EOG, ENG, EMG, GSR, and evoked potentials. By using a patented manufacturing procedure, we make top-of-the-line electrode sensors that incorporate a fine grain, homogeneous mixture of Silver and Silver Chloride. Furthermore, our Ag/AgCl electrodes are nontoxic, and because of their stability and reproducibility, they make excellent standard and reference electrodes.

● Dispersed Ag/AgCl with micro-porous structure and non-polarization
● Precision measurement and low-noise
● Easy machining and processing by sanding, filing, cutting and drilling
● Available in a variety of standard configurations for use in electrochemistry, electrophysiology, and precision bioelectric recording and stimulation.
● Resistant against surface abrasion, as a new surface can be exposed to restore the original performance of the electrode
● Optimal choice for scientific research and clinical electrophysiological measurement
● DC Offset voltage: <150 μV; Drift: <25 μV/h
● Cathodic protection, Reference electrode
● Environmental monitoring: Underwater Electrical Field Measurement, Electrical Prospecting
● Custom made for specific requirements