September 7, 2015

Long-term EEG monitoring Caps


  • Long Term EEG Caps
  • Long Term EEG Caps
  • Long Term EEG Caps
  • Long Term EEG Caps



Use our Long-term EEG monitoring Cap to record multiple EEG channels with reduced application time and increased subject comfort.

Greentek Long-term EEG monitoring Cap is positioned to the international 10/20  methods of EEG electrode placement. And due to a new design, the caps incorporate a soft, skin-compatible silicone holder between the electrode and the scalp. When the electrode cap is in place, EEG Conductive gel can be injected into each electrode (via a central gel access hole) with a blunt-tipped syringe, hence these caps are excellent for long term EEG monitoring as well as standard EEG/ERP investigations.

Through Greentek’s connector cables the Long-term monitoring EEG Cap is compatible with virtually all EEG amplifiers available on the market.

Greentek Long-term EEG monitoring Cap is designed for heads with a diameter range of 26-62 cm and comes in nine sizes:

No. Size Head Circumference Description Label Color Code
EEG Cap 1 L 58-62cm Adult Large Blue
EEG Cap 2 M 54-58cm Adult Medium Red
EEG Cap 3 S 50-54cm Adult Small Yellow
EEG Cap 4 XS 46-50cm Children Large Green
EEG Cap 5 Infant Cap I 42-46cm Children Medium Light Blue
EEG Cap 6 Infant Cap II 38-42cm Children Small Pink
EEG Cap 7 Infant Cap III 34-38cm Newborn Coffee
EEG Cap 8 Infant Cap IV 30-34cm Premature
EEG Cap 9 Infant Cap V 26-30cm Premature
  • Soft and comfortable, perfect for Long-Term EEG Monitoring of 24 to 72 hours.
  • Improved quality of recording and patient comfort
  • High quality EEG electrode materials on your request: Ag/AgCl coated electrodes or Sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes
  • International standard 10-20 electrode placement system
  • 21 channel as standard, with custom channels to order
  • Well-tailored elastic cap, 9 different sizes, from premature to adult