September 7, 2015

Medical EEG Electrode Cap for Clinical Use


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  • Medical EEG Caps
  • Medical EEG Caps
  • Medical EEG Caps


Greentek Medical EEG Electrode Cap is a 21 channel cap-based electrode application system designed for speedy, consistent and accurate recording of the electrical activity of the brain mainly in clinics. The electrodes are located according to the International 10-20 method of electrode placement.

This EEG Electrode Cap is made of an elastic comfortable fabric with soft silicon electrode gel reservoirs and recessed coated Ag-AgCl or sintered Ag-AgCl electrodes attached to the fabric. Through Greentek’s connector cables the EEG Electrode Cap is compatible with virtually all EEG amplifiers available on the market.

Greentek Medical EEG Cap is designed for heads with a diameter range of 34-62 cm and comes in seven sizes:

No. Size Head Circumference Description Label Color Code
EEG Cap 1 L 58-62cm Adult Large Blue
EEG Cap 2 M 54-58cm Adult Medium Red
EEG Cap 3 S 50-54cm Adult Small Yellow
EEG Cap 4 XS 46-50cm Children Large Green
EEG Cap 5 Infant Cap I 42-46cm Children Medium Light Blue
EEG Cap 6 Infant Cap II 38-42cm Children Small Pink
EEG Cap 7 Infant Cap III 34-38cm Newborn Coffee
EEG Cap 8 Infant Cap IV 30-34cm Premature
EEG Cap 9 Infant Cap V 26-30cm Premature
  • High quality EEG electrode materials: Ag/AgCl coated electrodes for wide QEEG or sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes for precise measurement
  • International standard 10-20 electrode placement system
  • 21 channel as standard, with custom channels to order
  • Ensure fast, comfortable and precise EEG measurement
  • Well-tailored elastic cap, 9 different sizes, from Premature to adult