September 7, 2015

Infant EEG caps


  • Greentek Infant Caps
  • Greentek Infant Caps
  • Greentek Infant Caps

Greentek Infant EEG caps are similar to the regular EEG Caps. The cap itself is made of soft, stretchy material and has electrodes sewn into it. The electrodes are positioned to the International standard 10-20 electrode placement..
These caps will fit premature infants to children and and comes in the following sizes:

EEG Cap 4 XS 46-50cm Children Large Green
EEG Cap 5 Infant Cap I 42-46cm Children Medium Light Blue
EEG Cap 6 Infant Cap II 38-42cm Children Small Pink
EEG Cap 7 Infant Cap III 34-38cm Newborn Coffee
EEG Cap 8 Infant Cap IV 30-34cm Premature
EEG Cap 9 Infant Cap V 26-30cm Premature

The Children Large EEG Cap will fit approximately 65% of all patients over the age of 5.
The Children Medium EEG Cap will fit primarily children from the ages of 2 to 5 years.
The Children Small EEG Cap will fit most children from 9 months to 2 years of age.
Sizes in age are approximate; the patient should always be measured to determine proper cap size. See Special Head Measuring Tape.

● High quality EEG electrode materials
● International standard 10-20 electrode placement
● Well tailored elastic cap, custom made from newborn to Children Large sizes
● Ensure fast, comfortable and precise EEG measurement
● Compatible with any equipment through Greentek connector cables
● ODM and OEM