Cleaning and Disinfection of Greentek Cup Electrodes

Cleaning and Disinfection of cup electrodes

A routine schedule for the cleaning and Disinfection of Cup Electrodes helps assure accurate EEG signals and the reuse of electrodes between different participants.


  1. Clean the residual paste off the electrode cups.
  2. Dunk the electrode cups in hot–not quite boiling–water three or four quick dunks, and the paste melts away and leaves them clean. Don’t leave them soaking.
  3. After cleaning use a cotton ball with alcohol to wipe each down for disinfection.
  4. let the electrodes air dry overnight


  1. Be gentle with the connection point where the electrode cup attaches to the lead wire.
  2. Don’t use toothbrush to scrub the electrode to avoid scrubbing too aggressively and deteriorating the plating on the outside of the electrode cup.
  3. Don’t touch other metals.
  4. Don’t put the electrode cup nor the wire in any corrosive liquid.
  5. Don’t left residual paste on any part of the electrode cup or wire.