Cleaning and Disinfecting of Greentek Sintered Ag-AgCl Electrodes


A routine schedule for the Cleaning and Disinfecting of Sintered Ag-AgCl Electrodes helps assure accurate EEG signals and the reuse of electrodes between different participants. Furthermore, you will preserve the excellent characteristics of your electrodes and will ensure a long product life.



  1. Clean the residual paste off the Sintered Ag-AgCl Electrodes softly immediately after use.
  2. Soak the electrodes for about 30 minutes in warm water (up to 50 degrees Celsius), so that the remaining paste can dissolves off quickly into the water. Use a soft brush for removing paste residues from the electrodes only if absolutely necessary.
  3. After cleaning use a cotton ball to wipe each electrodes. Then soak the electrodes for about 1 hour in 1% diluted bleach solution (1000 ppm sodium hypochlorite).
    (Household bleach has a concentration of 52,500ppm of available chlorine (5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite). A 1:500 dilution of household bleach provides the 100ppm concentration required)
  1. Rinse the electrode in tap water afterwards for several times. Dry the electrodes softly, with hand paper, Store the electrodes in a dark dry place.


  1. Be gentle with the connection point where the electrodes attach to the lead wire.
  2. Don’t use toothbrush to scrub the electrode to avoid scrubbing too aggressively.
  3. Don’t touch other metals.
  4. Don’t put the electrodes nor the wire in any corrosive liquid.
  5. Don’t left residual paste on any part of the electrodes or wire.